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Keeping your baby comfortable as they sleep is very important. How does one do that? The most basic and widely used method is swaddling. This creates an environment for the infant which is similar to the womb, so the baby is comfortable. Here is a link to the mayo clinic website on how to swaddle your baby:

Here is a video:

What position should the baby be in while sleeping? Babies should ALWAYS be placed on their backs to sleep, until they have the ability to turn over by themselves. Studies have shown that the risk for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) greatly increases if the child is sleeping on their stomach. The exact reasons for SIDS are not 100% clear, but sleeping on the stomach may make it harder for the child to breath. It could be that the baby is breathing in more carbon dioxide if it sleeps on its stomach, and less oxygen. When a person exhales, most of the exhalation is carbon dioxide which was exchanged for oxygen. If the baby is on its stomach, the air it breathes sort of comes right back to it, so more carbon dioxide is inhaled. Carbon dioxide buildup can be fatal. This is why breathing into a sealed bag is very dangerous. It could be that the wake-up triggers from carbon dioxide buildup are not as developed in some infants, resulting in death. This is my own conjecture, and I have not seen anything to completely corroborate this reason. Regardless, sleeping on the stomach has been linked to SIDS, so make sure to only put your baby on its back. To find out more about SIDS, see the following link:




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